About us

Having reached the ripe old age of empty nest and mid/late career, we were feeling the time had come to “shake things up a little”.  Our first plan, when we started to dream a few years ago, was to go around the world. We didn’t quite realize then how important our dog was to us and that the idea of leaving him behind would become unthinkable. And so, our dream became a transcontinental road trip where we could include Finn and still have an amazing adventure. We are travelling from New Brunswick, Canada through the US, Mexico and Central America with a truck and slide-in camper.

amanaplanacanalpanama………..or bust!

12 thoughts on “About us”

  1. it was my pleasure to meet you here in Mexicali and it is wonderful to read all your adventures…. enjoy..many blessings through your travel in Mexico….gladys


    1. Gladys! Thank you so much for rescuing us! What a stroke of luck that you found us….you are so kind. Whenever you decide to visit Canada, you know you can call on us! We are getting used to how things are done here. You should hear Douglas….his Spanish is getting very good. I am amazed.


  2. That is awesomeee! I watch your GPS tracking and happy to see you are moving.
    Douglas Spanish is going to be so good by the time you enter Panama they are going to think he is a native…lol.
    Oh thank you…I will cash in that help if I go to Canada….enjoy enjoy..and be careful…. Keep tour stories posted…I love to check them out…


  3. Hey guys! Nice time chatting with u. Really a great inspiration for keep moving and make things happen. I’m really anxious to read your new adventures and pleaaaaaseeeee! When you pass near mexico city let us show u the city.
    Wonderfull experience, drive safe, practice spanish (with all the regional nuances) and keep finn so cute! We’ll be in touch.


  4. Douglas and Paula, I went ot MtA and my wife grew up in Sackville (and went to MtA). We are starting to plan a similar trip. Thanks for sharing all the insights. Willy Hunter


      1. “We graduated in 88 and are trying to make the decision to cut the cord. Getting closer to doing it. We\’ve spent significant parts of the last two years in western Canada and the US, but I am trying to figure out a way to do Central and South America, but we have to get over our neuroses and inhibitions. We have a C-class motorhome, but might switch to a truck camper. Or maybe outfit our van into more of a stealth camping van. Plus neither of us speaks Spanish so we have some work to do there. How often did you camp in campgrounds in Central America?


      2. You will definitely need something with high clearance. The roads are pretty rough. I think your truck camper is the way to go. We didn’t see motorhomes or trailers much past the Baja. If you need to get a truck, Toyotas are the big brand down there, so parts are easy to get. We camped probably 5 out of 7 nights in Central America. We only took hotels when the situation didn’t seem safe. Our advice…just do it. You will not regret it. Imagine that feeling of freedom as you drive off that first day. Plan well, especially paperwork and saving money. Apart from that, everything else you just figure out as you go along. You will get good at that! Do learn some Spanish. It really helps. Even just key words and phrases help. Excited for you Mounties!


  5. Hi, we camped together near Teotihuacan for a new days back in Feb 2016? Doing a road trip to the Maritimes and wondering if you are still on the map.
    Honda Odyssey, code name golden eye.


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