T minus…   (by Douglas)

Preparations continue.   So much to consider: vehicle, camper, what to pack, how to pay for stuff, inoculations, staying in touch, anxieties and anticipation.

Pop Tart:  Fixed the soft spot on the camper – a friend, a bit of sheet metal and some ingenuity.  Installed hasp for padlock .  Need to install interior sliding bolts and believe I have figured out how to do solar panel install.

Truck:  Still needs idle adjusted, but all other work done – one more short trip to the spa.

Staying in touch:  Taught in-laws to Skype -this in itself nearly makes the trip worthwhile. Learned about doing this page more.

Anxieties – There is nothing like doing your will before a trip to make you face your mortality.  We are going to die, get eaten by sharks, bit by snakes, spiders and scorpions. We are to be waylaid and imprisoned in a foreign land.   I am not too worried about my wallet, however.

Needles:   they hurt – arm and pocketbook.

Paying :  All Canadian credit cards add an automatic 2.5% to each and every foreign transaction – all save two.

Anticpation: varoooooooooooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Less than a month to go before we leave our safe little Sackville life and head off into the unknown.  (by Douglas)

Today I wired up the new solar panel to test it out – at least some lights blinked and it looked like it was working.   Next step will be figuring out how to mount the thing to the Pop-tart roof.

The camper has developed a soft spot – literally.  Cannot figure out where the water is coming from but have the dehumidifier in it to dry it out.  Next step will be repairing and making it watertight -again!

The truck is at the Estabrooks ‘Spa’ getting a last minute makeover before it hits the road.

The more immediate countdown is at work…5 days to go and we are done! For quite a while.