Adios Sweet Little Sackville 

Finally, after a couple of mind-melting frustrations and a few teary goodbyes, we are on the road. Becoming free birds requires a lot of tedious organization. Speaking of birds, Many of you who know us will understand the significance of the cardinal. Well, the past 3 days have been Cardinal days involving lost passwords, forgotten essential items and the saga of getting Finn’s International Health Certificate. We, in fact,  have the cardinal hanging up in the pop-tart to appease the vengeful Cardinal God ( good idea Marion!). Now we have a second bird along with us, the eagle stone, which will bring us wisdom, patience and protection on the road…so far, so good Catherine…we’ve made it to New Hampshire. It is nice to know that our friends and family are able to check-up on us and see how we are doing though our “spot” device and this page. We have taken a hotel tonight due to the storm, but the tart will pop tomorrow for sure. Good night all!

7 thoughts on “Adios Sweet Little Sackville ”

  1. Hi guys
    We are still in Fl. Sorry we missed your departure. Glad you managed to depart on time. My shooting is over until next Sat. so we’ve moved into a beach hotel in Vilano Beach near the Saint Augustine inlet. Be safe and give Finn a cookie from us.


    1. Finn is doing great. He’s pretty tired of riding in the truck, but happy overall. He enjoyed the free hotel sausage breakfast this morning. Nice to hear from you…enjoy the sun! It’s really cold in Penn tonight.


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