Strange Birds. (Douglas)

It was silent in the RV park in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Silent of a sort.  No wind howled across a western or eastern shore.  The dusty dirt-laying dogs of Guerrero Negro weren’t barking all night long.  The engines of various boondocks didn’t roar, nor did the sounds of alcohol soaked merriment disturb my slumber.

The dry powdery earth that coated us and our comforts had been washed away in the laundry and in the shower, so filth could not bear the blame for  this early arising.  Dog and wife lay quietly in their respective ensconcements.  The bladder said a drowsy ‘good morning’ but did not persist.

In denial I rolled over.  Soon I would be back to sleep.


If I just flip one more time.

I can feel it coming….


…..    …..

What is that light?

Is it morning? Truly?

No, it is just the yard lamp.

But it could still be morning.  I should check.  Since I cannot fall back to sleep.  I’ll look.  It is still dark. Isn’t it?  Oh shoot, the dog has seen me move.   Now he’s up.  Standing. On his bunk.

He’s  looking at me.  His tail is wagging. He wants to go out.

Okay. Okay.

Shoulder up.  Legs down.  Pivot on my backside and reach the toes for the floor.

Grope for clothes. Clothes on .

Shoes too.

The leash is outside on the table.

The dog hops out the door and immediately disappears into the night.

I yawn, pick up the leash and round the corner of the camper to get the dog.
When what, in the dark, to my straining eyes did appear,

but another man, and his charge- four paws and two ears.
With a nod to acknowledge, I dutifully clipped,

I rounded the bend, my senses still stripped.

Two other men in this small little park

Were out with their dogs, out here, in the dark.
We spoke not a word,

And continued our work,

Until my good boy, he finished his stream

And I continued, as though in a dream.
This inky communion,

In silence with others

Four men and their mutts

A strange band of brothers
I returned to my hovel

And I heard the cocks crow-

‘Twas they that awoke me

And it just goes to show

That men and their beasts-

Are birds of a feather

And just like those roosters

We all flock together!

4 thoughts on “Strange Birds. (Douglas)”

  1. Satellite view of you camping on the shore by La Paz looks so awesome! So beautiful from above.
    Had Wayne worried when “Spot” went down and had you at the side of a road for hours! Whew.


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