Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!

For her birthday I gave my love (in no particular order) nine hours of indecision on Mexican roadways. I also gave her a tour of several hotels in Ocatlan, including Motel Pines, an exclusive getaway for clandestine lovers, complete with car ports to hide your car.  
I gave her a twitching dog that had been just hit on the road, it’s friend safely across. She also received an hour of night touring on the same Mexican highways.  
My darling had a wonderful time along the way, not eating while she navigated through the second largest city in the country, laughing delightedly as we repeatedly avoided collisions by scant inches and road lines evaporated whilst the flow of traffic suddenly roller – coastered across all lanes. She was equally thrilled when I teased her with missing key exits.  
I also dangled the possible carrot of boondocking in the favelas outside of Guadalajara as I know she thrives on new experiences.
My love showed her appreciation by paying almost sixty dollars in highway tolls and was ecstatic about paying to leave the toll roads also!
Being a master of facilitating a good time, I further allowed her to bribe a hotel clerk into letting us have the dog, who spent nine hours in the car, into the room with us.  
And lastly, although she, in her graciousness, took us out for a breakfast of delicious pork tacos, I finished off the day by presenting her with an anti-malarial pill, a lima, a banana, and two hotel mints. All of this and a delicious gallon of SierrAzul bottled water to wash it all down. The bottle, like the day, being appropriately hot and dusty.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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