Mandala (or The Girl From Ipanema)

Senor Enrique has an open, expressive face that is ready to smile and is curious about who you are and how it is you came to his tiny posada in Patzcuaro, Michocoan, Mexico.   His rooms open up to an open air interior courtyard.  A band of miniature wooden diablos play on one shelf, while lower down are books that Enrique has written.  He tells us that he writes about friends and family who have long since passed.  It is pizza night as well, and Enrique says that people come from as far as the state Capitol an hour away for his pizza.

We order the house special , with a cold bottle of white wine.  Enrique asks the cook what kind of wine they have. The wine is refreshing after weeks of beer.  Soft, sultry bossa Nova tunes  swirl in the airwaves around the five tables and bar.  Enrique tells us that Harper Lee has just died and that To Kill a Mockingbird is his favourite book.  He explains that each week he writes something on Facebook to promote the pizza nights. This week he will write about Harper Lee.

As we talk, he in his broken English and us in our survival Spanish, Enrique decants the house Mezcal from gallon jugs into a variety of liquor bottles. It is clearly not an official product, although it is on the menu.  He explains that it is made in a nearby village.

He offers us a drink in two miniature beer mugs.

It is the desert.  Smooth, dry, smoky.

Enrique sits in his wheelchair and beams.  He tells us that the Mezcal is his  ‘novia’ .

5 thoughts on “Mandala (or The Girl From Ipanema)”

  1. i have been following your journey on a daily basis and have found it extremely enthralling and exhilarating. i am extremely jealous as traveling has always been my dream that has never come to fruition. that being said i have come to live vicariously through you both imagining the sights and sounds of your travels. the visit at the butterfly sanctuary today i imagine as majestic. i hope you are well and that the truck is performing up to the standards it should. i look forward to updates as it gives me hope some day i could proceed on such a wonderful adventure


    1. Hey Garth! We love that you are enjoying our posts. That was the whole point- to share our adventures with our friends back home. The monarch butterflies were…magical. Douglas will be posting about it soon, although it will be tough to capture in words. We had no idea you had a secret lust for travel. All I can say is make a plan (we planned and saved for years for this trip) then see to it that it happens. We’d love to talk to you about your travel dreams sometime when we get back. Truck has had a sh*t-kicking on these roads, but it’s been great so far, only problem has been having it stick in 4WD a couple of times. It’s considered a pretty good truck down here. VW bugs (the oldies) are everywhere…and most are in great shape! Adios for now! Paula


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