I have dreamed of coming to Costa Rica most of my life.  I think I was in elementary school when I did a project n the country.

Costa Rica.  

No Tramitadores at the border.  

Clean.  Spectacular beaches in the north.  

Unbelievably green in the interior.  

Banana plantations everywhere.

Monkeys swinging over the highway.



I am less than an hour from the Panama border, on the Caribbean side.

Below: Volcan Arenal


Below:  Hermit Cangrejo, Playa Rajada, Pacific Ocean 

Below: Sunset, Playa Rajada  

Below: “You shall not pass!!!!”  Capuchin monkey.  

 Below: Ten-toed Sloth in tree 
Below:  Playa Negra, Caribbean Sea  
Below:  Sloth, in tree  

Below:  That’s my coconut, daddy!  

Caribbean texture  
Bamboo root, detail  
All photos copyright Douglas Stewart, 2016

10 thoughts on “Suenos”

    1. Hi it;Meam. Paul took a dead calf to Truro,so I thought Iwould sneak a moment on the puter.what is new to day?Nice day here to day. Paul will be back soon ,He and Hellen have a bank appointment to day at 3.Be nice to get that stuff looked after.


      1. Hi,
        Paula is having back spasms. She is at the clinic here getting it checked out.
        A guy is working on our camper fixing a broken air vent.
        Finn is panting. It is about forty degrees in the sun, maybe more.
        Later today we are going to chech out a house in the jungle that we might rent for the week the girls Are here.


  1. Hope all is well
    Thought of you guys when I heard there was an earthquake in Ecuador
    How far do you plan to go into south America. ?
    Kenya (Mary’s sister in law)


    1. Hi Kenya,
      We hit the border to Panama, looked across, but decided we did not want to cross yet another border. Panama was our endpoint anyway. Our 2 girls arrive tonight for a visit for a week with us in Costa Rica. We will start to head back to Canada after they fly home. We did not feel anything from the earthquake here at all. We hope to make a stop in El Salvador on the way back if your parents are still there.

      Thanks for checking in,


    1. It’s a beauty way to go…. We officially have turned around. We looked at the Panama border and I threw a rock across. Kids are here with us now. They fly home on the weekend, then we will start heading north very quickly.

      To BC…


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