Friends in faraway lands

Hello from the Similkameen Valley, in beautiful British Columbia! The sun is shining, the cherries are nearly ripe and life is sweet. We are enjoying visiting family and friends….and it has not been too difficult to adjust to sleeping in a real bed. As you can see in the photo, Finn is helping his master make a few modifications/repairs on our hardworking little camper. 

Now, let’s talk about you! We are always excited to see where the people are from that visit our page. Don’t worry, we can’t see who you are, only what country you live in. It’s fun to guess who our visitors might be based on their home country. We have met people from all around the world and have invited them to visit our page. I think we can guess some of you..Hola Mila y Afro en El Salvador! Gutentag  Jana und Andreas,Germany!  Hola Rosina y Ramon, Mexico….and so many other fantastic people we have been fortunate enough to encounter on our adventure. Hello to Matt and Bea and Lucas on the road- hope your repairs are coming along. Hey Brian-our fellow popup guy…have you crossed the Darian Gap yet? We also see a few far flung visitors to our page, which is very cool. We wonder….how have we connected with someone in India, Italy, Latvia, Romania? It’s nice to think of all these people checking in on L’il ol’ Poptart. We are very curious about you Brazil! Don’t be shy! Leave us a message!  We particularly appreciate the friends and family who have been loyal followers…tracking our journey and kindly ignoring our typos and minor grammatical errors….hello Lynn and Wayne back in the Sack! Hello Trixie across the pond! Hey Randy….your auntie wrote this one, so no need to worry about spelling errors. Hello Peter….can you see Donna’s house?  10 bucks if you can tell me how many apple trees are in the orchard.

Next week, we attend the graduation of our eldest daughter, Emily in nearby Kamloops (whoot whoot!) Afterwards, the journey continues…..where will the poptart go next? It’s anyone’s guess! Tune in next time on……..POPTART TRAVELS!

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