Photo Snippets from Arizona to Washington, USA

Here are some favourite moments from our drive north and west through the United States in May, 2016. No particular chronological order. 

Below:  Paula drinks in the beauty of Yosemite.

Below: El Capitan.  Can you see Captain Kirk?

Below:  Yosemite Falls continues to flow after Paula. 

Below:  Spectacular Antelope Canyon, Navajo Territory near Paige, Arizona

Below:  Montezuma’s Castle,  California

Below:  First night in California.  We are stealth camping (boondocking) under a power line, seven thousand feet up in the Sierra Madres.

Below:  Paula returns to her roots. 

Below:  It is like being in a National Geographic magazine.  Unbelievable Horseshoe Bend,  Glen Canyon,  near Paige, Arizona.  

Above:  Breakfast whilst BLM camping, Paige, Arizona.

Below:  On the way to Area 51.

Below:  Golden Gate Bridge.

Below:  Birds!!!!!

Below:  The beautiful California coast

Below:  Poptart vs. Redwoods, Redwood State Park, California

Below:  Gull’s lunch, Oregon Coast.

Below:  Smooth cobble beach, Oregon Coast.

Below: Thousands of birds, Oregon Coast.

Below:  The Poptart in Mount Rainier National Park,  Washington, USA.  End of May, 2016

Below:  Tufa rises eerily from Mono Lake, California.

Below:  Tillamook, more than just cheese.

Paula feels the Bern.

Spectacular Zion National Park, Utah. 

4 thoughts on “Photo Snippets from Arizona to Washington, USA”

  1. I thought, how did Paula get a chance to kiss Bernie!? Then I looked at the picture on a larger screen and got my answer. No matter, he has been my hero for some time. Anyway, just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet you and Art Educator today at Portage. Tina and I would love to hear more about your travels so if you get back to Anchorage, please give us a call. You could boondock in our driveway and the showers would be free! I could share some of my bear photos that are not on my web site (badly needing updating). Hope to hear from you. John DeLapp (4-wheel camper). 907-345-0802, jr


    1. And yes, Bernie seemed a little stiff 😉

      Wow, just checked out your site. Nice work! I am keeping my eyes peeled for an Alaskan alligator.


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