Dear Emily and Sarah

My darling daughters,
I know that in the last six months you have heard from your mother and I about all the things that you must do sometime in your life. And we hold to what we have said. 
Yet, today we hooped and hollered and laughed for shear overwhelming joy.
And today, the Butterfly Reserve in Mexico moved to second, and the calving Grey Whales in Baja California to third, and the Carlsbad Caverns moved to fourth.
Because today we took a flight from a small airstrip at Silver City, Kluane Lake, Yukon Territory, here in Canada. Our aircraft held a pilot and four passengers , and we flew over one of the largest non-polar glaciers on Earth, to land on the largest non- polar glacier on Earth, to look at Mount Logan, the largest mountain on Earth by girth, and the second tallest in North America and the tallest in Canada. On the way we saw the second and fourth tallest peaks in Canada. Your mother made a snow angel on the glacier, and words really cannot describe the feeling. We five were the only human beings standing for hundreds of miles in any direction.  
Go while you are young, my dears, and see all that is wondrous in life. Do all that makes your hearts sing for joy. Go to Mount Logan and let your hearts be full.
With all my love, 

And on behalf of your mother,

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