Happy Anniversary, Baby!

It was a year ago today that we set out on our own amazing journey.   Since then, not many a day has gone by where we haven’t found ourselves fondling reliving the voyage.   We met countless kind people along the way, and made many new friends.

We find ourselves back to our teaching jobs.  I am at a new school and find this change to be invigorating.

Paula seems more content at her school is well.

Travel has a way of putting one’s problems in perspective.

All this being said, we are looking at applying for another leave.  We just aren’t sure of the timeframe for this, but it will happen.

We just bought a small oceanfront property that has been in Paula’s family, and we’re looking forward to working on it in the next few months.

Finn had lost nearly ten pounds by the end of the trip, but he is back at his winter weight now.  His hair has grown back in and it is long and shaggy.

Daily we dream of other adventures.  We shop for airline sales and better reward schemes for our credit cards.   We look for cheap destinations.

We think about Christmas in a hot place next year.

New York again?



Mexico City?

Trans -Siberian Railway?

Yes, please – to all!

The PopTart sits ensconced in it’s plastic cocoon.

It waits for spring.

It waits for us.

It waits.

But not for too long…




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