Arizona Camping

We are alive and in the desert. We are camping for free. The wind is warm, and normally it would be soothing. Normally, except that right now I am fighting off a sinus cold and I am miserable. I shouldn’t be. I should be thankful to be alive and sitting here in the middle of nowhere. The sun will be setting soon oven cliffs and craggy mountains, over a canyon I do not know the name of. It is even now casting it’s last rays of the day against the prickly pears, against the enormous saguaros, against other cactus I also cannot name.  

Below:  Our campsite before sunset and during sunset

Today we visited Saguaro National Park. Tonight we are camping in the same desert.  

The wind blows gently. The dog is quiet. Paula is doing something in the camper.

We took several cactus spines out of the dog’s mouth after he decided that the smells were so enticing that he would risk the proximity to a plant. It adds a nuance to your relationship with your dog, doing this.

Paula says that the sun has slipped behind the mountains. So it has.

Bird songs sound somewhere to my right.  

I turn my chair round so that I may watch the light on hill behind me.

The Dying Light:

The sun is setting.

I will sleep well tonight in the quiet desert. I will feel better in the morning.


Tomorrow we will see ancient cliff dwellings.

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